I’m a bit slow in getting this posted, but the September issue of CQ Magazine ran a nice article about Jamboree on the Air. You can see the article at this link JOTA CQ September 2015

The article idea started when I spoke with Rich Moseson, W2VU, the CQ Magazine Editor during HamCom this year. He was quite interested in an article. So, I pulled one together and forwarded it. That’s when the fun began.

He read it, noted that is was fine, but went on to suggest some supporting stories for sidebars in the article. What a great idea! And, did I have JOTA stories.

I’d been collecting them for the last few years as part of the annual station reports. I was able to use a few in the annual USA reports but that didn’t get the coverage that CQ Magazine could offer.

I drafted a few stories and sent them on to Rich. He worked with them to fit the article and, as a result of his great editing and story development, we were able to squeeze in four JOTA stories from around the country.

All this was a great example of working together to tell a wonderful story about Jamboree on the Air – not only getting the usual facts and numbers across but telling the personal stories that demonstrate the impact it has on Scouts around the world.

This is yet another waypoint along my Ham Radio Adventures.

What do you think?