I’ve added an Icom IC-910H to my ham shack. My big interest is in adding 2 meters and 70 cm for weak signal work, although I’m also interested in trying my hand at some satellite communication.

I had looked seriously at the IC-9100, but realized it would serve better as a replacement for the K3 that’s already in my shack, since it covers HF and 6 meters as well as 2/70. I also looked at adding the 2 meter internal transverter to the K3, but then that would require an external amplifier as well. In the end, I settled on this superb radio with just the right footprint to fit into my shack. I watched eBay and was able to purchase a reasonably priced unit.

Fortunately, I found a used Astron RS-35A power supply at HamCom. That matches the power supply I’m using for the K3. The next trick was connecting the rig to the computer. Icom has an RS-232 interface for about $125 but I was able to find at FTDI USB cable on eBay for around $25. It works well with N1MM+ and with Ham Radio Deluxe.

I set up N1MM+ as SO2R and used the Winkeyer USB to key both radios. I works pretty well. My next requirement is to interface audio for JT-65 and FSK-441. That’s going to be a bit more challenging as I’m using the same computer audio for the K3.

To make room for all this I added a full length shelf over the bench. This allowed placing the IC-910H and rotator control on the desktop on either side of the K3/P3. Then I extended the LED light strip over the full four feet of shelving. You can see the full set up in the gallery below.

I’ve been able to work a few contacts in the CQ WW VHF and in the ARRL UHF contests. My next post will talk about the Par Electronics Omniangle antennas I’m using. I will also be adding some WA5VJB cheap yagis to my push-up mast.

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  1. Hi, may I kindly ask you what is reasonable price for IC-910h? I’m willing to buy it however there is only one offer @eBay. No idea if the price is reasonable.
    I’ll appreciate your advice,
    Thank you

    • Sky,

      I recommend that you monitor eBay and perhaps other sites to see where the pricing runs, which includes options, condition, seller reputation, etc. Once you’ve been able to see several units available for sale you’ll be able to better to answer that question. Following this same approach, I have only purchased one and have had no reason to monitor pricing since that time.

      Hope that helps.

      73, Jim, K5ND

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