Original monitor placement
Original monitor placement

I recently updated the position of my ham shack monitor. Reading through some email groups, I saw a lot of advice about monitor placement that could help keep you in the chair longer during contests. So I thought it would be time to revisit this layout.

Monitor placement right on the shelf.

I had given this a fair bit of thought when I originally set up the station. The shelf right above the rig and bandscope allowed me to place the monitor along the same line of vision. I’d even selected the monitor with the lowest stand to better align it with the rig.

However, looking at it once more, I realized that I want that monitor still closer to the rig. So I removed the stand and used some wood spacers and temporary adhesive foam tape to stick the monitor right on the shelf. This appears to work perfectly. Now my direct eye line hits  the top of the monitor, rather than needing to look slightly upwards. You can see the before and after shots below.

We’ll see how this all works at the next contest.

What do you think?