K5ND DXCC Digital 1000pxIn December I noticed that I had 101 countries confirmed via RTTY on Logbook of the World. So I popped in an application for Digital DXCC. Today the certificate was delivered. Since all the QSOs were on RTTY, I would have preferred that the certificate be labeled RTTY instead of Digital. But, that’s the way it is.

Very convenient way to chalk up a DXCC certificate — no cards to sort or application to fill out. No meeting with the DXCC card checker. It just gets done and in rapid fashion as well.

I’ve also filed for endorsement’s via Logbook of the World as well as typed in my QSL cards, printed out the application, and had it verified by a card checker. The system is getting really sophisticated.

I’ll note, too, that I filed for CQ WPX award via Logbook of the World quite some time ago. For that award, Logbook of the World is the only way to go. Sorting out 300 different prefixes with a stack of cards could grow into a real sorting project.

That’s the news from K5ND. Hope to see you on the air.

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