I finally got around to reading the January/February issue of the National Contest Journal. I always enjoy several of their columns — Profiles, Propagation, Contest Tips, and now RTTY Contesting. It is always neat to look at the contest scores as well to see how you fared. So it was nice to see that I finished 3rd in the August NAQP CW in the W5 call area in QRP. I also note that all the W5 QRP entries were from the DFW Contest Group.

I had to laugh, however, to see that I finished sixth in the QRP category in the North American Sprint CW in September. I had a whopping 16 points from my 4 QSO’s. You may recall my earlier write up on how my head was swimming from just that whirlwind encounter with a CW sprint. I should also mention that I finished last…

I’m not exactly sure this qualifies as an adventure.

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