I’ve just updated the K5ND site with a mobile version using the WPtouch plugin. I had been considering whether this was necessary or not, as the site currently renders fairly well, albeit small, on Safari on the iPhone. However, one of the bloggers I follow, Russell Jamieson who does Slickr Flickr, started a 12 step blog on improving your website. The one on mobile versions caught my interest.

The WPtouch plugin is free (although there is also a pro version). It allows you to configure your site pages for a slimmed down mobile version and do so fairly quickly. The only problem I encountered was that on the K2BSA.net site it worked just fine but wouldn’t work on this site. Once on the WPtouch support pages, I realized that WP-Super-Cache was having this effect on all sites. So I stopped that plug-in and it worked just fine. So for now I won’t be using the super cache plug in.

I like the Mobile version as I’ve set it up to always play the full site on the mobile platform. At the bottom of the site, there appears a switch that allows the mobile user to turn on the mobile version. This way they can at least first see the full site before electing to go into the mobile mode.

While loading the WPtouch plugin, I noticed Word Twit from the same site. This posts tweets from each of your blog posts. The plugin that I’d been using to accomplish this stopped working for some reason and no amount of reinstalling or reconfiguring got it working again. So I’ll check this plugin out as soon as I post this blog entry. Hope it works as it simplifies posting on Twitter.

Finally, Russell also posted a blog entry on finding images on the web. That, in turn, led me into looking at some social media icons. The last time I’d tried to load some custom images I was not able to determine the correct file path for the Social Media widget so that it could find the uploaded custom images. With a bit more reading and a bit of good fortune examining the file system, I was finally able to accomplish this feat. So now I’ve posted some custom social media icons for use on this site.

That’s the news from K5ND. Next weekend is the North American QSO Party on CW. I’m looking forward to working a lot of stations. I’ve configured a new, for me, contest logging software (RUMped) and will be using it during the contest. I’ve also started using RUMlog on a daily basis. Another future blog entry.

What do you think?