I’ve just qualified for DXCC CW 150 countries. I made my application via Logbook of the World. I already had 112 countries via card check for DXCC that were credited in my account. Therefore, I only needed to add 38 new countries with Logbook of the World confirmations. That happened just last week. The application process was really a breeze with credit card payment online.

My next activity is to pull my QSL cards together to have them checked for CQ DX Award at the 150 country level. They also have an 80/40 meter 100 country endorsement that I’d like to achieve. However, that’s a long ways off unless I can really get some activity going on 40 meters around a contest.

I do have about 80 countries on 15 meters, but the others bands are a fair ways behind. Looking at CQ Worked All Zones, I’m at 33 confirmed out of 40. That, too, will be a while coming but I’m hopeful with good ol’ Sol raising it’s sunspot numbers.

That’s the status on award chasing at the end of 2011 from K5ND.

What do you think?