The final report is in for the 2011 Jamboree on the Air. Unfortunately, of the 200 stations that registered prior to the event, only 68 actually filed reports. None-the-less, those stations reported total Scout participation at just over 3,000. This is up a remarkable 600% from 2010. Some of this increase can be attributed to the excellent promotion that went into the event beginning in May and running right up to the event in October. However, a substantial amount of this increase is also no doubt due to much more improved reporting that occurred over the last several years. You can see the full detailed 2011 JOTA Report here.

The next step is to capitalize on the lessons learned in 2011 and build an improved action plan for 2012. The National Radio Scouting Committee will soon be turning their attention to this task. Another of my ham radio adventures keeps on getting better!


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