The 2013 Jamboree at the Summit is less than two years away, but it is well past the time for making serious plans for the event. Recently I was named the chairman of the K2BSA operation at the Jamboree. The past two weeks I’ve been working on developing the overall action plan for the 2013 Jamboree.

I based the plans in part on some excellent work done by Bill Ragsdale, K6KN, who has been on the staff of K2BSA in a number of Jamboree. He developed a proposal for K2BSA operations at the 2013 Jamboree and forwarded it to me. This report along with reports from previous Jamborees that Ed Dudley, WA4ISI, forwarded to me and the plans from several World Jamboree ham radio operations that Richard Middelkoop, PA3BAR, forwarded me, served as the basis for the plan that I drafted in mid-September.

I then forwarded the plan to a group of individuals that had been involved in previous Jamborees and received a great deal of feedback. Late this past week, I consolidated all that feedback and produced draft two. This is now out to a number of folks for their feedback including Jamboree leadership, our Radio Scouting Committee, the ARRL, and some close K2BSA advisors. I’ll keep you posted here as the plans come together.

Jamboree on the Air is looking pretty good. We now have roughly 50 stations registered in the USA with planned participation over 4,000 Scouts and Leaders. I expect more stations to register as we get closer to the October 15 event. I plan to operate from home and try to catch as many stations as I can. I’ll even plug in my microphone for this one. I also plan to visit the National Scouting Museum that morning as K2BSA/5 is in operation. There is a delightful audio file of some satellite QSO’s from the Scouting Museum this past weekend as part of a Radio Merit Badge course. You can listen to it on the K2BSA website.

I hope that you’re on the air for JOTA.

What do you think?