I just received the April 2011 issue of QST magazine. As I glanced through it, paying particular attention to the Elecraft P3 review, I was pleasantly surprised to read through the results of the 2010 IARU HF World Championship and note that I finished 8th in the W/VE category and 3rd in the Midwest Region. The entry category was CW only QRP and the winner of that category had just over 11 times more points than I had, but none-the-less that was a pretty nice finish for my set up and skill set.

That contest was held in July 2010 and I’ve added the P3 since that time, which has greatly increased my speed in running search & pounce. So this year’s effort should be a large improvement due in part to station improvements, skill improvements, and with better propagation with the improving solar activity. That should really bring into play 15 meters and my Moxon beam.

Fun results in one of my favorite contests.

What do you think?