I’ve earned ARRL’s QRP DXCC certificate for working 100 countries using 5 watts or less! This award is substantially different than the regular DXCC. This award only requires a listing of the contacts you’ve made; it does not require QSL confirmation of the QSO’s. In that respect it is a little easier to qualify for the award.

I’m still working on the regular CW DXCC. I do have 103 countries confirmed either through Logbook of the World or with QSL cards. I’ve just got to make up my mind on how best to apply for the award with the various types of confirmation that I’ve got. I had hoped to do it all through paper QSL cards and just may wait for that to happen.

I’m also planning on applying for the CQ Magazine DX Award with CW and QRP endorsements. This one does require QSL cards and for the QRP endorsement you only need 50 countries at the QRP level. That award, too, will just take some time to sit down and fill out all the forms followed by setting up a time to have a card checker go through the QSL’s. My next opportunity for that is probably at HamCom in June. That will work and give me some more time to collect QSL cards.

Here’s a look at the certificate.

QRP DXCC Certificate

What do you think?