This has been quite a challenge to get up to speed on all the features of WordPress. Of course, that would imply that I actually am up to speed. I assure you that I am not. I look over the site and determine what needs to be changed. Some of it I can change but quite a bit of it takes a fair bit of research to determine how to change it. Then, I’m often staring at roughly 50 ways to make the change. Wow! This is one sweet system.

This has been my Thanksgiving Day project. Pulled down the premium theme that best fit my requirements (after a couple of days searching and reviewing the options). Then had to download at ftp application for my Mac. This was the first time I’d used ftp. First uploaded the complete theme, then used it several more times to swap out images.

I modify the website header using Photoshop with a custom graphic that I’d created a few weeks ago. Learned how to merge the existing background graphic and scale my k5nd logo to fit just right on the existing background. It turned out pretty good. It would be nice if I were billing somebody for the hours I’m spending on this.

The next challenge has been configuring some of the pages. Have generally learned how to configure a few widgets and get them positioned on the page correctly. There is still a feature page that isn’t quite working right. Will need to come back to that after I’ve learned a bit more.

Next challenges are to link to Flickr photos (need to set up my Flickr account and upload some photos first). Then I want to upload some podcasts. That my be a bit of a challenge but I’ve got an early idea of how to do that (including the plugin).

As this site gets up and running to my satisfaction, I’ll need to pull the plug on my MobileMe iWeb site that is currently running at and transfer the domain and e-mail to my new hosting service.

This system works fantastically. I’m learning a great deal and should have a much better website running in the next few days.

What do you think?