This week I headed out to Fort Richardson State Park, right at 76 miles and 1.5 hours away. Nice state park and open horizons from the historical exhibit parking lot. I was there for two passes of SO-50 and two passes for FO-29.

I used my IC-910H and Arrow antenna along with MacDoppler on a MacBook Air. The system worked well and I’m getting used to setting it up and answering people’s questions.

I also used AudioNote to record the QSOs. That was very helpful. Once at home all I needed to do was listen and use the notes function to type in the call sign and grid. You can see the record in the image nearby. Each note is tied to a specific time on the recording. Click in the image for a larger version.

Once all that was determined, it was then a matter of getting the 26 QSOs in the logbook with correct satellite, frequencies, and times. All have now been uploaded to Logbook of the World.

Thanks to everyone who answered my calls and put up with my less than stellar listening skills. It was great fun and I hope to activate a few more grids.

What do you think?