With my backyard testing completed and the weather looking great, I headed out at oh-dark-thirty for Lake Mineral Wells State Park. It’s relatively nearby, a 90 minute drive, and it’s in a nearby grid, EM02.

Driving around the park I found a great spot overlooking the lake. You can see the nearby photo of me in action with the Arrow Antenna and my gear on the picnic table.

I got there in plenty of time for an SO-50 pass at 8:52 AM local time. But I couldn’t hear a thing. Toward the end of the pass, I didn’t manage to get on but couldn’t resolve the call sign of the person who responded, even going over my recording several times.

The FO-29 pass at 9:49 AM local went much better. I was solid into the satellite for nearly the entire pass. I worked NS3L, PV8DX, WA6DNR, VE6CCM, WB3CSY, VE6QO, and K9CIS.

With a long break before the next FO-29 pass at 11:34 AM, I searched out other sites around the park. I finally settled on a large parking lot on what may be one of the highest spots in the park. No tree trouble this time. But not many were on the pass. I worked K8YSE/7 and VE6CCM. Oh well.

Next stop, after a hard morning working satellites, was a BBQ joint that served some fabulous ribs and brisket. I like the name – Hashknife on the Chisholm.

Once home, I worked up the final log using the AudioNote recording app that took down everything. Then I entered them in Logbook of the World. Found 4 QSLs already there.

Yet another ham radio adventure. Thanks so much to those who worked me during my micro grid expedition.

What do you think?