Everything came together this morning to test out my portable set up from my backyard. Chased out to the deck with all my gear. It’s not exactly a lightweight satellite setup with IC-910H, laptop, battery, Arrow antenna, etc.

Tried to get on for the SO-50 pass but couldn’t get the laptop set up working for doppler, although that probably isn’t needed. Did listen to a few QSOs.

By the time FO-29 came across, I had everything working. My first QSO was with Tom, K8TL, who gave me a good report. Next was Ivan, VE3EAF, who also gave me a good report before drifting off into some QRM. So that one didn’t end all that well. Thanks Tom and Ivan for coming back to my CQ.

But, it’s working. So my next step will be to head out to a nearby grid to try it out. I’m thinking about Lake Mineral Wells State Park, which is in EM02. Hope to work you.




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