This past week I managed to work George, MI6GTY, on FO-29. We had about 120 seconds to make the QSO work. George did all the projections and suggested the schedule. We’d tried before but no luck. This time I heard him at about 5×6 or 5×6 and he heard me at 5×7. We had more time than I expected. What a thrill to work into Europe for the first time.  Thank you so much, George.

That got me thinking about my all time satellite distance QSOs. Here’s the top 5, all on FO-29:

  1. MI6GTY at 4,445 miles
  2. PR8ZX at 4,195 miles
  3. CU3EQ at 3,849 miles
  4. WH6XM at 3,660 miles
  5. AL7RS at 3,583 miles

That’s a pretty incredible list of DX contacts. And if I can do it, you can too. Thanks also for these great operators who pulled my signal out of the noise and dealt with my feeble operating.


What do you think?