Next week I’m heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the World Scout Support Centre. I’ll be meeting with the World JOTA-JOTI Team to review results from 2016 and develop plans for 2017.

It will be a grueling trip from Dallas to Doha, Qatar, and Kuala Lumpur – some 24 hours in the air. But it will be great to meet once again with my fellow team members from the Netherlands, Finland, Oman, and the United Kingdom.

We’ll also have World Scout Staff members in attendance supporting world events, communications, and information technology. Not only that, but we’ll also get on the phone with representatives from ScoutLink,, and JOTI Radio.

As you know, if you’re listening at all to my blog, Jamboree on the Air – Jamboree on the Internet is the largest Scouting event in the world with over one million participants from over 150 countries on the third weekend in October. This year will be the 60th anniversary of this great event.

More later as our team finalizes and releases the 2016 report and develops plans for 2017. Stay tuned to and and I’ll no doubt have some updates posted here.

It’s all part of my ham radio, and Scouting, adventures.


What do you think?