It’s time to tally up the top 10 blog posts in 2016. You may have seen my post last year titled Top 10 Ham Radio Moments that provided three top 10 lists: blog post categories, blog posts/pages, and moments. This year it’s blog posts, but with two lists: those published this year and those published all time.

2016 All Time Enduring Favorites

Here’s the top 10 most visited posts/pages during 2016 along with their date of original publication:

  1. FSK Interface (2013)
  2. Ham Shack (2008 but updated frequently)
  3. Vee Beam (2012)
  4. Flex 1500 SDR (2013)
  5. InnovAntennas 3-Element LFA 6 meter Yagi (2015)
  6. HF Verticals (2011)
  7. Stressed Moxon (2014)
  8. Contest Logging (2011)
  9. Mixer I – The Shy Man Podcast (2015)
  10. Tuning HF2V Vertical (2011)

No posts from 2016 show up. But I hope that’s because they didn’t have a full year on the blog. But this does show the enduring value of some of these posts. For example, even though it was published three years ago, the FSK Interface post garnered over 2,000 visits in 2016.

2016 Published Favorites

Here’s what ranks in the top 10 from the posts published in 2016.

  1. Tropospheric Ducting – March 2016 (This was featured in QST magazine)
  2. Satellite Antennas @ K5ND
  3. Satellite Revelations (published a few weeks ago)
  4. USA ARDF Championships
  5. CW Academy
  6. Ham Shack Update
  7. CQ VHF Contest 2016
  8. VHF January 2016
  9. Back to Mac – MacDoppler
  10. Satellite Live QSO on Video

Most of these posts are time sensitive and not really enduring posts, like the building and installation projects on the all time list. But it does provide an idea of what I was working on in 2016 and what others found of interest.

Hope this is helpful in your ham radio adventures. All the best in 2017.




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