Just received a very nifty certificate from the ARRL for the September 2015 VHF Contest. I managed to be the West Gulf Division Winner for the Single Operator 3-Band category.

I’ve mentioned before that I like this category that has some additional power limitations: 100 watts 6/2 meters, 50 watts on 70 cm. I acquired the IC-910H specifically to get onto 2 meters and 70 cm for these contests. Of course, now I’m mostly running satellite QSOs with the rig.

For the contest this month, I’ll be on the air again and in this category. However, I’ve set up my antennas for satellite operation and they won’t work all that well for this contest. Instead, I’ll have my Par Electronics Omni-Angles connected to work the usual suspects around DFW. I may try some FM contacts during the contest as well. My vertical yagis will work there.

Hope to see you on the air during the September VHF Contest.

2015 September VHF Contest


  1. Well, my September 2016 VHF results weren’t at all good. Total score 135 with just 13 QSOs. Most of those were on two meters (9). It was really dead with little activity from the local area. Oh well. Still having fun with satellites.

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