IMG_1741We’ve just endured a huge home remodeling project. Part of that effort required that I tear down may ham shack for carpet installation. When I set it back up, I took advantage of the opportunity to rearrange a few things.

I essentially swapped the K3 and the IC-910H and placed the rotator control and P3 panadapter between them. The real control these days in a ham shack it with rotator, observing the panadapter, using the computer screen, and then maybe tweaking a knob of two on the rig.

The other big item is that you’ve got lots and lots of cables running between items and particularly to the computer. No real problems encountered there except getting the audio in/out cables swapped at the computer. Everything else back up and running.

It’s great to change things up from time to time to take advantage of new thoughts about station arrangement. Or, just to change things up for the fun of it. This is a hobby after all.


What do you think?