I had some fun this weekend on the NAQP RTTY contest. My HF antennas have been reduced to just an MA6V offset vertical dipole that is good for 20 meters through 6 meters. Yet somehow it tunes up on 40 and 80 meters.

My normal HF contest entry is usually single-band, often 15 meters and once in a great while 20 meters. But no single band entries in the NAQP.

In my four hours spent at the radio I managed 176 QSOs as follows:

  • 80 meters, 14 QSOs, 10 multipliers
  • 40 meters, 24 QSOs, 15 multipliers
  • 20 meters, 104 QSOs, 31 multipliers
  • 15 meters, 33 QSOs, 15 multipliers
  • 10 meters, 1 QSO, 1 multipliers

It was fun to get on the air for this contest. Perhaps next time I can rig up a dipole on 80 meters and do a better job.

Thanks to everyone who dug my signal out of the noise and QRM. And, a particular thanks to all those who had to deal with my fat fingers on the mouse and keyboard.

What do you think?