QSL FramedThis week I set about bringing my QSL card mailing tasks up to date. The bureau cards had begun to stack up and I have a few six meter QSOs that needed cards sent to confirm new grids. While I love the look of QSL cards, and have spent a fair bit of time designing my own cards, I have to say that I really appreciate Logbook of the World and its automated approach to confirmation. It also easily facilitates award applications.

You can see nearby a photo of the framed display I have in my office showing off a few QSL cards. These were chosen for their cool design, chiefly around call sign typeface, and for their spectacular photos. I also chose to display a few of the envelopes and their stamps, which adds a nice touch to the display.

Even so, generating the QSO labels, address labels, stuffing envelopes with cash and return envelopes takes time and organization. You don’t want to lose your place when you’re pulling all that together. Swapping cards between addressed envelopes just won’t do.

The bureau cards are a bit easier. It’s just the QSO details labels and getting them into order for shipping to the bureau. But still, there’s a fair bit of time spent generating those labels from your logging program.

K5ND StampI’ll end this post by encouraging everyone to get on Logbook of the World along with frequently uploading their QSOs. It makes confirmation a breeze.

Thanks to all who do and to those who respond to my paper cards.


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