We have closed out the station report filing window and compiled the numbers from the 2015 Jamboree on the Air. We’ve also written a full report and edited a video made from the photos submitted with the station reports. The numbers came out pretty good.

The number of stations reporting came in just barely above last year. Reported Scout and visitor participation was down 8% and the number of councils involved dropped from 148 the previous year to 127 this year. This is a big challenge. How to communicate the huge benefits of this event to staff and volunteers? And, then activate them to make something happen.

The outreach to the amateur radio community has been very good. The numbers of operators involved this year was nearly 1,000 and they put in play 847 radios, up from 480 radios last year. They’re involved and they are bringing their gear!

You can read the full report at JOTA USA Reports on the K2BSA website. You can see the video report, with lots of photos from the station reports below.

2015 JOTA Report from K2BSA on Vimeo.

2015 USA Jamboree on the Air Report

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