You might have caught my earlier posts on six meter VUCC and VUCC 125. The next steps of 150 and 175 came fairly quickly with the advent of this year’s sporadic E season along with the relatively new push-up mast, rotator, preamp, and Innovantennas 3-element LFA yagi.

It also helped that the folks I worked posted their QSOs on Logbook of the World. The big connection there was working a number of new grids using JT-65. It must be that those are the guys that use more technology in their ham radio adventures.

Right now I actually have 230 grids worked and around 186 confirmed. After the CQ VHF contest, I need to spend some time mailing out QSL cards to those that aren’t using LoTW.

I need to do the same thing with a few DXCC contacts. I now have 242 worked and 240 confirmed. In this case, my antenna farm has taken a step backward with the loss of both the 80/40/30 meter vertical (to make room for the VHF yagi) and dropping my 15 meter moxon. Even so, I do pick up a DXpedition from time to time and perhaps JT-65 can help me as well.

If I worked you recently on 6 meters, thanks for the contact. I’m having a blast with these openings into new grids.



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