The IARU was running this past Saturday and into Sunday morning. I managed to sit down at the rig for all of two hours and worked 60 stations across 20 and 15 meters on CW. In that mix, I worked 10 ITU zones and 12 HQ stations.

It was fun and pretty easy with N1MM sending the code over my K3. I was a bit surprised that many stations only wanted me to send my call sign once, which resulted in them responding over the top of sending my second call. Then it was a wait to see if they really did come back to me. I figured it out but it hardly worked for making their runs more productive.

The rest my Saturday was spent putting up a couple of Par Electronics Omni-Angle antennas for 2 meters and 70 centimeters. More later on my growing capabilities on VHF and UHF. Looking forward to the CW VHF contest this next weekend.

If I worked you during the IARU, thanks for the contact.

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