The 2015 CQ VHF contest is complete. For me it was 27 hours of good fun. On Saturday I was able to get 50 contacts into the log and 38 grids, including 4 new ones on 6 meters. Sunday only saw 2 new contacts as 6 meters was dead and 2 meters only snagged two casual contacts.

I ran my new Icom IC-910H on two meters. Worked K5QE from East Texas on my Par Electronics Omniangle OA-144. I also built one of WA5VJB’s cheap yagis. I didn’t have time to get it on the mast but tried it on a tripod in my second floor ham shack. It really didn’t add anything (lots of mirrors up there that no doubt blocked the signal). So I mostly relied on my OA-144 in the attic. There will be some more work on the 2 meter and 70 cm antennas.

Glad that there was a good opening on 6 meters. Still not quite sure what to make of 2 meters.  I would like to put up a reasonably competitive Single Operator 3 Band station with 6m, 2m, and 70cm. Much more work needed to make that happen.

I’m behind on blog posts. I need to do a report on the IC-910H, the Omniangle antennas, the Cheap Yagis, along with an updated ham shack page and post. I’ve got time.

If I worked you in the CQ VHF contest, thanks so much for the contact. Hope to work you again. 73 + 55

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