I’d noted in a previous post that I’d applied for VUCC-125 on six meters. The sticker arrived last week from ARRL and my Logbook of the World account has been updated with the additional QSOs via cards.

I’m beginning to see the reasons behind the concerns expressed on some of the VHF groups about being second class citizens. Logbook of the World works great for entering DXCC paper QSL cards and then having them checked. The VUCC system requires extensive paperwork. Plus, I now have paper QSLs recorded for New Zealand, Ecuador, etc. on six meters but they don’t register on the DXCC side of the system – they are only grid squares on Logbook of the World.

Oh well, when it comes time that I qualify for DXCC on six they will no doubt have an entirely new system for checking QSL cards.


What do you think?