The image above is from a six meter sporadic E opening on 14 May 2015. You can see that I was just a bit outside the broader opening on the east coast. Even so, I managed to work several stations in Virginia and picked up a new grid.

There was a really big opening on the 8th and 9th of May where I worked Florida, Illinois, Colorado, North Dakota, Georgia, Missouri, Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, California, North Carolina, West Virginia, Arizona, and Nevada. During that opening I operated on CW (included a pile up in response to my CQ), SSB, and JT65B.

What a blast! I’m having such a great time on this band. If you’re not operating on six meters yet, now is the time. The big summer sporadic E season is upon us. You’ll find a great deal of static much of the time, but when the band opens it can be a fantastic time.

See you on the air.

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