This week I received my certificate for earning VUCC by confirming 100 grid squares on 6 meters. All of these confirmations were via Logbook of the World, which made applying for the certificate really easy.

I currently have just over 150 grid squares worked and almost that many confirmations. However, the rest of the confirmations aren’t on Logbook of the World. For me it’s been a bit surprising that so few of my 6 meter contacts with USA grids are confirming via LoTW. As a result, I’ve been collecting QSL cards the old-fashioned way. I’ve got enough to complete the paperwork for 125 and hope to soon have enough for 150.

As I continue my paper chasing, see my blog post Confessions of a Paper Chaser, I’ve glanced at the Fred Fish Memorial Award — all the grid squares (488) in the continental USA. Only five have earned the award. Interestingly, they are all from this general area: New Mexico (Fred), Arkansas, Missouri, and two from Texas. I guess it helps to be in the middle of the nation.

If I’ve worked you on 6 meters, thanks for pulling out my puny signal and giving me a new grid!

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