I’ve just completed the USA reports for the 2014 Jamboree on the Air. Overall, it was a successful year. Although, I would have liked to show some growth in the number of Scouts participating. One reason we weren’t able to show that increase is that many stations who register for the event, fail to file a report of their results after the event. We’re working on ways to improve this for 2014.

This year the report took the form of an infographic, which I’ve copied below. I also created a video which is also shown below. You can find all the reports and previous videos on the K2BSA JOTA pages. I’ve also posted the videos on this website’s JOTA page.

If you participated in Jamboree on the Air this year, thanks for all you do for Scouting and amateur radio.

JOTA 2014 from K2BSA on Vimeo.

2014 USA JOTA Report

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