Mister Clever struck again. This time he struck in the run up to the CQ WW RTTY contest. Last year I entered as a single band (assisted) low power entry on 15 meters and set the new W5 record. Of course, there wasn’t an earlier record or even an entry. So this year I looked at the records, and since my 15 meter moxon is gone, I decided to enter 20 meter single band (assisted) low power. I thought that 10 meters would be dead. Oh how wrong I was…

As one who camped out on 20 meters for the entire contest, I can attest to fact that it was a bit quiet save for the early evening hours and then just before the contest ended. It looked like both 10 and 15 were really hopping. Overall, I managed to put 330 QSOs into the log with 24 zones, 44 countries, and 50 states/provinces. Not too bad. And since no one else was probably clever enough to enter, I may have set a new record!

Next time I may need to revise my plans based on the actual propagation. Until then, Mister Clever will continue to look for opportunities to set records and win obscure contest categories…


  1. Hello Jim, congrats with the new record…I did look at the (PA) records as well and decided to go for 40m QRP. No entry for that band as well in my country. Hopefully set a record as well. 73, Bas

    • Hurrah! Another ham looking over the past contest results for opportunities to win, rather than just run with the herd. I have entered a few contests in the QRP mode as well. I’ve found it to be great fun. Good luck in your next contest, Bas.

      73, Jim, K5ND

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