I put my six meter stressed moxon to use in the ARRL September VHF Contest. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much stress from the number of QSOs. I was only able to get 17 contacts into my log. For most of the contest it looked like 10 would be my limit. All those were from nearby stations. A few in my home grid of EM12 along with EM13 as well as EM10 and EM00. I also managed to work Marshall, K5QE, at EM31. Those last three were new grids for me.

However, the magic band came through in the last 90 minutes of the contest with an opening to the north. I was able to work North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. So that at least topped off my contest and left me with a good feeling about my weekend effort of calling CQ and listening to noise.

Even so, I’m enjoying VHF and considering how to get that moxon up in the air on a permanent basis along with a rotator other than running outside and moving it. I’m also thinking about adding the internal 2 meter transverter to my K3. Always something new in my ham radio adventures.




  1. Hi Jim,

    Don’t feel bad about your results in the VHF contest. North Dakota has always been a tough state for me to work and I live in Minnesota!

    I have a K3 and have had poor results on 6 meters. I can load my tribander and my 40 M delta loop on six, but it’s still no-go. I follow the 6 M spots on the DX cluster, but most times, can’t even hear anything.

    I’m interested in improving my 6 M antenna situation. That moxon looks like a good choice. I may order one and a mast to go with it. Where did you get your mast?

    73, Ron

    • Hi Ron,

      I had reasonably good results in the June and July VHF contests, without the moxon. So not too disappointed. You can see my write up on the moxon at http://www.k5nd.net/2014/09/stressed-moxon-ingeniously-elegant/ I found the mast on eBay and I believe I purchased it from 3-Star. Do a search on Rohn Push Up Mast on eBay.

      I’ve heard that the K3 needs an external preamp on 6 meters. So that little Elecraft accessory is on my wish list.

      Hope that helps.

      73, Jim, K5ND

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