Just got back from the Central States VHF Society Conference in Austin, TX. Wow! What an incredible conference. At such a high level of technical excellence. Case in point — a solar physicist, Jim Kennedy KH6/W6IMO, briefed the conference not only on the sunspot cycle but also on some incredible propagation characteristics, titled F-Region Propagation and Equatorial Ionospheric Anamoly. I also enjoyed Wayne Overbeck, N6NB, and his discussion of working California to Hawaii from 1957 to 2014. Lots of excellent information on tropospheric ducting.

Even with all that fire power in the discussions, my favorite activity was checking out the rover set ups and getting a glimpse of some gear for 10 GHz along with an actual E-M-E contact. Here’s the slide show.

This was a great conference, with technical content at a very high level. The 2015 conference will be in Denver. Plan to attend!

What do you think?