It has been awhile since I last posted an update here. I’ve been engaged in a temporary assignment writing product descriptions for a soon to be launched website. There are nine temporary writers and three full-time writers engaged on the project. Over the last six weeks, I’ve written nearly 1,800 product descriptions on everything from beads to rockets and more! No wonder I haven’t been writing much here.

I will note that I’ve been keeping up with my other blog at PathForeWord. If you’re at all interested in job search or career development topics, I encourage you to check it out. I’ve been able to offer some reasonably good insight into these topics and a few others along the way.

On amateur radio topics, you’ve seen my note on the new World JOTA-JOTI Team. I head to Geneva Switzerland this week for the launch meeting for this team. It should prove very interesting. My wife is coming along and we’ve been able to wrap a few days around the meeting to take in a bit of a vacation. We’re both really looking forward to the travel and the meeting.

On a contesting note, I see that the preliminary results for the recent NAQP RTTY show that I’m in first place for the QRP category. That would be incredible if my score holds up for the final results. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll note that I’m enjoying working all the W1AW operations around the country. So far I’ve been able to work them all on CW and RTTY. Hope that I can keep it up through the year. It’s been fun to work all the different operations and their varying skills sets in dealing with pile-ups. I hope you’ve been able to contact them as well.

Finally, I’ll note that I’ve been able to qualify for the CQ DX Award in RTTY — confirming with QSL cards that I’ve worked 100 countries using RTTY. It may take a while for my certificate to show up. Once it does, I’ll scan it and get it on the website.

That’s the news from K5ND. I hope that your year is going well. 73 and look forward to meeting you on the air.




  1. Preliminary congratz on your NAQP RTTY victory, Jim. Great job!

    I did a modest 102 Q’s in the BARTG HF RTTY last weekend. Had to balance between family things and contesting. Not a whole lot of activity on the bands.

    Hope you don’t wear off your keyboard with all the product descriptions, we like to read some more posts here in the future 😉

    73, Jim

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comments and thoughts. I ended my product description gig this past Friday. Now heading to Geneva and following that working on a consulting assignment. The writing was a nice change and gave me a glimpse into another organization.

      I didn’t get on the air for BARTG. My daughter was in town and I was able to spend the time with her.

      Take care and 73,


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