RTTY-QRPThis weekend I entered the CQ WPX RTTY Contest. I decided I’d do a 15 meter single band QRP entry using my Moxon 15 meter beam. I had some serious thoughts about the advisability of setting up the beam as it was snowy, about 30 degree F, and dark by the time I got home from work. So I set it up Saturday morning, in the dark, before the European stations started on 15 meters. Frankly, the antenna made all the difference with my QRP 5 watt signal trying to get into Europe or nearly any other station.

Overall, I managed to work 320 contacts and 235 different prefixes for a total score of 137,240. No too bad for a 20 hour effort. I find that sleeping at night while 15 meters is dead, works really well for me! It also looks like I managed to work about 50 DXCC entities.

I did manage to see one of my Dutch friend’s call signs, PA1JIM, while he was working NR5M. I wish I could have made contact. Perhaps during another contest. ON6NL gets the award for sticking it out the longest to get my serial number copied correctly. Don’t quite remember how many times we went back and forth, but it was quite a bit. There were quite a few others that fought it out to get me in the log despite the weak signal, the QRN, and quite a bit of QRM.

Great time working my favorite mode and at QRP levels. Hope I was able to get you in the log.



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