After watching the monster pile-ups and generally wacky behavior on top of the FT5ZM signals, which have been pretty strong here in Texas, I thought that I’d never make it through. Well, I have to take that thought back. This evening while searching the band, I came across FT5ZM just starting up on 20 meter CW — before the pile up got huge. Managed to work them! Now to see if my call sign made it into their logbook! I hope to catch them on RTTY before they go off the air. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve also been working the W1AW portable operations. I’ve been trying to work both CW and RTTY and so far been successful. Just snagged W1AW/KH6 on 20 meter CW and RTTY. My toughest so far has been the Texas operation, which has been within a few hundred miles of my station. I also received an RST 339 from Delaware on 80 meter CW. I’m enjoying chasing these operations. They are making lots of QSOs but it is still fairly easy to work them.

Hope you’re getting your call into the logbook for both FT5ZM and the W1AW operations.


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