Feld Hell Jan-14This month’s Feld Hell Sprint was four hours long beginning at 1700 hours local time. This event was restricted to operation on 40, 80, and 160 meters. Since sunset was at roughly 1745 local time, the propagation was very limited for the first 90 minutes or so. And, of course, propagation to the west was very limited for most of the contest.

Even so, I managed to get 25 stations into the logbook, from 16 different states. Did hear a French station, but they couldn’t hear me. Twenty of my contacts were on 40 meters and just 5 on 80 meters. No antennas here for 160 meters.

I did spend some time optimizing my macro messages on DM780. Still haven’t quite figured out how to get it to repeat CQ, but I’ll dig into that. I also tried fast AGC for this mode, rather than slow AGC. It seemed to work a bit better.

It was a fun sprint and I always enjoy the mode. It is much more laid back than the RTTY or CW contests. Hope to print you on the air.

What do you think?