I was notified today that I managed to win the USA QRO section of the December Feld Hell Sprint. You may have read my post about the effort here. I enjoy the mode but there is not a great deal of activity on the bands save for these sprints.

2013-12-RUDOLF-NA QRO-K5ND-960pxThe sprint itself was fun. Many of those on the air were casual contesters — typing away with the exchange information as well as a friendly chat in the bargain. That’s quite a different approach from CQ WW contests that are mechanized, moving at rapid fire speed, and if you botch something in the exchange you sometimes hear L-I-D coming back at you.

I encourage you to try out Feld Hell. You can find the Feld Hell Club website here. The software is pretty much standard soundcard stuff. I see from a recent survey that HRD’s DM-780 is the most popular but right behind it were Fldigit, MixW, and MultiPSK. I’ve tried the first three and used DM-780 for the sprint because it does a good job of logging the contacts. I like the display, too.

Hope you’ll try out this fun mode and meet the great members of the Feld Hell Club. See you on the air.


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