In early July I’m headed on a cross-country road trip to the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia. This is the new site for the National Scout Jamboree. You’ve probably read about the K2BSA Amateur Radio Operation at the Jamboree. I’m the leader of this 50 person operation that will be running a demonstration station, Radio Merit Badge workshop, Amateur Radio Direction Finding — Foxhunting activity, as well as several high-altitude balloon launches and a scheduled contact with the International Space Station. You can learn all about the operation at K2BSA Jamboree Live. You can also find the full operations plan at that same site.  Even if you’re not attending the Jamboree, please get on the air and help us with the demonstrations for our goal of 4,000 Scouts to be introduced to amateur radio.

While on this topic, I’ll let you know that earlier this month I experienced a life event. My entire department at the Boy Scouts was outsourced — including me! I’m fortunate that I have a few options to consider for the future. Plus, I plan to continue my Radio Scouting volunteer roles at the Jamboree as well as for Jamboree on the Air. But, as you can well imagine, it’s been quite a jolt.

As you might have guessed, I’ve started a blog on the career journey that I’ve just embarked upon. You can find it at PathForeWord. Check it out. I welcome your thoughts and comments. But also stay tuned to this blog for updates on the Jamboree along with an after action report on how we did.

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Freelance writer and active Scouting volunteer. Retired publishing and communication executive who writes for fun and to finance his hobby, amateur radio.


  1. Jim, When I saw your new BLOG announcement on Twitter a few days ago I was curious so I checked it out. When I looked at the ABOUT YOU section and read your resume of accoplishments and saw your listed BSA Communications Director as 2011-2013 and was wondering if something had happened. All the best from WV! 73.

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