Over the last couple of years we’ve done a considerable amount of promotion around Jamboree on the Air for amateur radio operators. What we’ve found is that when they approach local Boy Scout Councils, the Scouters are not really aware of JOTA or how to best cooperator with the operators to get the event on the air. So, our National Radio Scouting Committee has decided to spend some time this year providing information for uninitiated Scouters on amateur radio, Jamboree on the Air, and how best to get on the air for the event, thereby exposing Scouts to the technology, fun, and magic of amateur radio.

One of our first steps was to conduct a JOTA webinar this week for Scout Council International Representatives and other Scouting volunteers. It’s a basic overview of amateur radio and Jamboree on the Air for those new to the subject. You can see it at http://www.scouting.org/jota/Webinars.aspx We’ve provided the slide deck in both Power Point and PDF as well as a video recording of the slides and audio.

The turnout was good with a bonus of Larry Wolfgang, WR1B, from ARRL getting on to discuss the ARRL JOTA resources as well as Field Day. The webinar also covers Jamboree on the Internet.

Check it out.

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