Last Saturday I hauled all my Jamboree gear down to a local embroidery shop. I’d heard about this trick from a fellow Radio Scouter. You can see the results on the Jamboree Duffel shown in the photo. Not sure this is going to help me find my duffel amongst the 40,000 that will be at the Jamboree, but it can’t hurt.

I also had my call sign embroidered on several of the shirts I’ll be wearing as well as my day pack. The day pack is branded by PING golf equipment. Not sure I’ll see many of those at the Jamboree. Even so, I’ll be able to distinguish mine from the stack.

Tomorrow I’m headed to the Dayton Drill at Cricket Holler. This event is at the Cricket Holler Training Center of the Miami Valley Scout Council in Dayton, Ohio. Over the last several weeks we’ve been shipping stuff to the event and our K2BSA sponsors have literally been shipping pallet loads of radios and antennas. Will be setting everything up beginning on Tuesday. By the time the Dayton Hamvention Flea Market opens up, we’ll know precisely what we need to add to our equipment to get it in tip top shape. On Saturday, we’ll be running a Merit Badge Workshop to test our training methods. We’ll also pack everything for shipment to the Jamboree.

It should be an incredible ham radio adventure.

What do you think?