I wasn’t quite happy with the new design of my website. I called it the Gray Design, using gray backgrounds for the widgets along with gray type in the header. While it went minimal, as I’ve been seeking in all my designs, I’ll say it was a bit too minimal.

Two things happened to get me motivated to change. First, iThemes introduced a new WordPress theme called “Air”. It was indeed minimal and used a blue tone for the web links, headings, and a few other items. So I began working on a header that would work with that theme. This, too, was prompted by an alert from iStockPhoto that I had some credits that were expiring. So I found the globe that you see in the header. Made some modifications to that, tried about a dozen different fonts for the K5ND, settling on the Dry Cut Font that I had tweaked some time ago for my latest QSL card design.

All in all, I like the new look. Just enough color but yet very clear, clean, and, yes, minimalist. Less is more!


    • Thanks for your comment, Mike. I’ve just made one further tweak to the website header. Just some adjustments to the spacing top, bottom, and sides along with some alignment adjustments. Now I feel it’s just right.

      Significantly, working on this website provides me some insight into what our designers at work grapple with everyday. You can always improve the design, even if its a few moves by picas this way and that.

    • Thank you, Andrei. I’ve been using iThemes for quite a few years now. The Builder theme with lots of child themes available works great for the four different website that I’ve built. Of course, within those sites I’ve also redesigned them several times using different child themes for a new look. Pretty easy to work with and iThemes has great videos to help coach you through the process. Then there’s WordPress and all the great plug-ins that really make some cool things happen for your website. Good luck on your own website development.

      73, Jim, K5ND

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