With all the changes going on within the ham shack (moving from Mac to Windows), I’ve been looking at my website and decided to update it with a new theme, update the ham shack pictures to match the current shack, and to move the design to a more minimalist approach. You can see the before shot nearby.

The 2012 version of the K5ND website, so last year.
The 2012 version of the K5ND website.

The WordPress theme is from my favorite supplier iThemes. It’s part of their Builder series and is the Foundation-Blank child theme, which is also responsive. So it will conform to display appropriately on tablets, etc. I also have a mobile plugin that presents the site for mobile phones. With the overall design, I dropped a lot of widgets that were more distracting than helpful. This was informed by reviewing Google Analytics and seeing where the traffic was going from the home page. I’ve also enabled a setting that provides a blog summary page that then allows you to dig deeper into the blog post if it is of interest. In addition, I tweaked a bit with the social media icons to better match the website theme.

I also spent a little time taking photos and getting those updated in the home page slider and on the Ham Shack page. That should be it for a while. Let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Jim, I think you got a very fresh and clear website. Just like you shack actually.
    Nice and easy to read and most of the time interesting, at least for me! I’ll keep an eye on your weblog. 73, Bas

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