I ran the CQ WPX RTTY contest this weekend. Got on the air for right at 13 hours of the total 48 hours of the entire contest. Fairly casual effort and didn’t lose any sleep. Still managed to make 398 QSOs and 218 different call sign prefixes for just over 180,000 points.

CQ WPX RTTY 2013I ran my Elecraft K3 at 100 watts into my two verticals. Didn’t put up the Moxon. Ran RUMped along with Cocoa Modem. RUMped locked up about six times during the contest. Left one contact just hanging there while I tried to restart things. Did just acquire a surplus Windows desktop computer for $10. Getting ready to fire that up and put WriteLog on it and a number of other ham radio items. Should get me into the mainstream of amateur radio software. More news on that one soon.

If you worked me during the contest, thanks so much for the QSO.




  1. I did some casual listening for the Louisiana QSO Party on Saturday. Worked the same station twice on 10 and 15, and never could break through a pileup on 20. Not so bad for 12W into a dipole and gives me hope for working my buddy in New Orleans some day (Troop 26, Raccoon Patrol).

    It was nice to hear accents from where I grew up.

    Sorry you have to go to the dark side to get the right software. Those are some nasty-looking UIs.

    • Glad you got on during the Louisiana QSO party. My instructor for Scouting’s Professional Development Level 1 was from New Orleans. Now he’s the Scout Exec in Baton Rouge — so he finally made it back.

      Yes, it will be interesting wading into the Windows world. Just set up a laptop for my daughter to replace her MacBook. Back at the turn of the century Mac and PCs were priced comparably. Not any more! 73, Jim, K5ND

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