The sticker for my CQ DX Award arrived today. I’ve managed to confirm with paper QSL cards 200 countries worked using Morse Code, aka CW. Actually, I now have 208 countries confirmed either with Logbook of the World or paper QSL cards. Still waiting for my DXCC application to be processed for 200 countries there.

This may well signify my top-level of countries on CW. Using 100 watts into verticals and sometimes my 15 meter two-element Moxon limits the pile ups that I can break. I am, however, moving forward on the RTTY front. I currently have 66 countries worked and 44 confirmed. This comes just in the last 45 days since setting up my station for RTTY over the New Year’s holiday. Of course, some major contests have happened during that time.

Nice to add a sticker to the great certificate provided for the CQ DX Awards.


  1. Congrats on the confirmed 200 countries! Really impressive with only two verticals and running 100 Watt! I think this is proof that to work many countries, apart from your gear, you have to be persistent.
    A real inspiration for me! I’m not even close to 200 countries 😉

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