As noted in a previous post, I’m always looking for ways to improve things — website, social media, ham shack, you name it. This time I’ve been looking at the next step for the ham shack. A month or so ago, I added a keyboard tray that served to clear up desk space and provide sound ergonomics. This time I’ve added the IKEA shelf to also provide more space on the desk as well as to place the computer monitor right above the Elecraft K3/P3. I would think that this would make things a bit more optimum for contesting, working lots of QSOs and logging the contacts. Here’s some photos.

100_2549 100_2533 100_2559 100_2566 100_2527 100_2556 IKEA has produced a really cost effective line of tables/desks. With this unit, the desk has adjustable legs so that you can set the height to your exact preference. The keyboard tray is very simple but quite effective. The shelf went together quite easily with instructions that should serve as a model for all assembly instruction manuals. If you’re looking for ham shack furniture, I recommend you check this line out via the web or in person at one of their stores.

This was a great project for my holiday vacation. Yet another ham radio adventure.


    • Hi Jim, thanks for your comments. With the iMac the display is a bit too high. Still thinking about how best to address that one. Your shack looks great. Not sure I’d want a hammer within reach. Some of the pile-ups can get quite frustrating at times. Since putting up the shelf I’ve been working on RTTY and PSK. Made a few contacts and having fun. Happy New Year! 73, Jim

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