I just took advantage of the link between CQ and the Logbook of the World to apply for the CQ WPX CW Award. It requires 300 different prefixes and Logbook of the World reveals that I’ve confirmed 305 prefixes. This really shows the value of LoTW — I had no idea and preparing the list and cards for the card checker would have been quite an effort.

Thank you LoTW for making the CQ WPX Award so much more accessible!

My other projects for the Christmas holidays are to pull together my QSL cards for the next step with the CQ DX Award as well as DXCC. I now have 200 countries confirmed by QSL cards, but only 178 by LoTW. My current awards are for 150 countries. So I need to have the cards checked by the CQ DX Award card checker and also enter my cards in the LoTW system followed by card checking by the DXCC card checker. As you can see, this is a bit simpler than the WPX awards, but not by much. Moreover, I’m currently just working on the country total. I haven’t yet started to look at band endorsements. Plus, all my contacts, save a couple, are on CW. So no mode endorsements.

I hope that you all are making good progress toward your own goals with the CQ awards and DXCC.

73, Jim, K5ND

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