I’ve been busy with iMovie again. This time I spliced together photos that were submitted by the Jamboree on the Air stations around the country. We received 204 reports and with them came roughly 250 photos. I selected the best of the bunch and have assembled them into a video that provides a bit of the numbers around the fantastic results achieved this year. You can find all the reports on the JOTA Website reports page. But first, check out this video that will bring it to life. Lots of Scouts experiencing amateur radio and having Scout to Scout conversations that prove to open up eyes to different countries, different customs/languages, as well as the technology, fun, and magic of amateur radio.

Just one more of my adventures in amateur radio!

JOTA 2012 Report from K2BSA on Vimeo.

Report and photos from the 2012 Jamboree on the Air in the USA.

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