I had some fun today pulling together a video designed to promote Jamboree on the Air to radio amateurs. It’s right at three minutes and gets a fair bit of information across in that reasonably palatable timeframe. We took the raw video at the National Scouting Museum this past week and then I stitched it all together today.

I didn’t really use a script. Instead, I pulled together a few notes prior to the video shoot and then stumbled my way through a few takes. It came together reasonably well during the editing process, getting all the key points across. I was also able to use quite a few iMovie features to add some pep to the essentially talking head video. By using some music at the beginning and end, some deft transitions, along with a fair number of titles and photos, I feel that it should serve it’s purpose well. I don’t expect it to go viral, but it will get the message out to a few people.

Here’s the video. Click on the link to see the HD version. Let me know what you think.


Jamboree on the Air from K2BSA on Vimeo.

What do you think?