I was pleased to see my K5ND Station Tour video play on Ham Nation in June. This time I’ve created a video on my 15 meter, two-element, Moxon beam. The Moxon has been a popular posting on my blog and it is one area of the station that I built myself from plans published in the May 2003 issue of QST Magazine. Written by KG4JJH with additional detailed drawings, the beam has worked flawlessly since the first time I put it up. It also helped me breakthrough in working Europe and Asia in contests using QRP power levels.

For this video, I added a CAD U1 USB microphone to record the voiceover. I found this to be a marked improvement over using the internal iMac microphone. For editing I again used iMovie. With this video I used all still images and the Ken Burns effect to provide some motion. My current video camera is not HD and I felt that the video in the Station Tour looked pretty rough compared to the still images. This microphone will really come in handy when I record some more podcasts. BTW, I’ve found a couple of P.G. Wodehouse short stories that will work perfectly for my next podcast. Stand by.

I’ve posted the video on a page on this site titled Moxon Beam. Check it out.

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